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Fatmata Barrie - Ladybrille Woman of the Month - November, 2017
Fatmata is interviewed by Ladybrille's Uduak Uduok.  This is an in-depth interview touching on Fatmata personally and her run for office.  It is worth the listen. 

Fatmata Barrie responds to Trump's  sh**hole comment about African countries, Haiti, etc.

Fatmata Barrie at the Viva White Oak Town Hall meeting at the White Oak Rec Center.


Montgomery County Media Article said:

The Viva White Oak Project is a plan that aims to make the community an active place to live, work and play. The plan involves building new homes, adding amenities such as restaurants and stores while taking advantage of the Food and Drug Administration’s proximity and the relocation of Washington Adventist Hospital, to make White Oak a global innovation hub.


"I’m very excited about the project,” said Fatmata Barrie, a long time resident. “I hope and pray that it benefits all of us who already live here and hopefully it brings more economic benefit to the community.”


Barrie, however, expressed her concerns.

Plans for the project includes seven-million-square-feet of commercial development on 300-acres of land and 5,000 residential units.  Barrie wants to make sure there will be opportunities available for people who currently live in the community so they can benefit from the plan’s expected economic growth.


According to statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau, the median household income in the White Oak area is a little over $63,000 compared to the County’s overall median income of $99,435.


“My concern has always been the people within the community and the benefits we will be getting here,” she said.


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